Stay Safe and Smart
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Visit the website to learn more about natural gas safety.
Stay Safe and Smart
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Average Monthly Billing
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Make your natural gas payments more manageable.
Average Monthly Billing
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Air Sealing Rebate
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Make your home more comfortable and save up to $500.
Air Sealing Rebate
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Home Service Plus®
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Repair plans and energy efficiency products for your home
Home Service Plus®
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
Home Service Plus®
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Home Service Plus®
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Make your home more comfortable

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Save up to $500 with our air sealing and insulation rebate. Sealing air leaks and improving insulation are both important steps to take to improve the comfort of your home and lower your utility bills. Get details and ​the list of rebate-eligible installers.​

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Electric Reliability



Get Your Furnace Ready Now

​​​​Early fall is a great time to schedule your furnace tune-up. Be sure your furnace is working efficiently before the cold weather arrives. Plus, every other year your furnace tune-up is eligible for a rebate in the form of a $25 Visa prepaid card.

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2016 Annual Report Now Available

​​Learn more about our efforts to make our communities better places to live, work and to conduct business from our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report (PDF).