Call 8-1-1 BEFORE you dig
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Stay safe when conducting any digging projects this spring.
Call 8-1-1 BEFORE you dig
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Secure, convenient paperless billing
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Kick the clutter and go paperless!
Secure, convenient paperless billing
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
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Go Paperless!

​​​Reduce clutter, and choose your preferred payment option: pay now, schedule a future payment, or set up automatic payments. Learn more and go paperless today!​​

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Auto Pay

​​​The worry-free way to pay your bill​. Just set it up once and then forget about it.

Volunteering adds up

​​Commitment to our communities goes beyond delivering energy. Did you know that last year CenterPoint Energy employees, retirees, friends and family members volunteered more than 237,500 hours of service valued at more than $5.6 million dollars? Get the details.



Call Before You Dig

​​​​Whether you’re working on a large excavation or simply planting a tree in your yard, natural gas and utility line safety should always be job one—and that starts with calling 8-1-1 to have your utility lines marked.

Make the call. It’s easy, and free.

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