How to Spot a Utility Scam
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Know what to look for & what to do if you’re targeted.
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
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Go Paperless!

​​​​Reduce clutter, and choose your preferred payment option: pay now, schedule a future payment, or set up automatic payments. Learn more and go paperless today!​​

Enjoy hassle-free bill payment

​​When you say “yes” to Automatic Payment you don’t have to worry about missing a payment when you’re busy or on vacation. Just set up automatic bill payments once and relax. Details.

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Enjoy Natural Gas Benefits

​​When you choose natural gas equipment for your home, you are making a smart decision for greater cost-savings, comfort and the environment. Find out about all the benefits of natural gas, and check out our cost comparison calculator.



Junior Achievement

​​At CenterPoint Energy, we are proud sponsors and a longtime partner with Junior Achievement. Last year marked a major corporate milestone, having reached more than 50,000 students with our program nationwide. Learn more about our community involvement.


Its Business as Usual after TS Cindy

​We are happy to report that CenterPoint Energy customers are not experiencing any natural gas service disruptions and we are not aware of any equipment damage resulting from Tropical Storm Cindy.

If you are experiencing a problem with your gas service, please call 888-876-5786.