Restoring Power After Severe Weather
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Smart Meters, Intelligent Grid, Drones help crews restore electricity.
Watch and Learn
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Get Hours of Power
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Get the protection of a natural gas standby generator.
Get Hours of Power
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Natural Gas Marketplace: Grills & More!
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Your connection to quality gas products and personalized service.
Natural Gas Marketplace: Grills & More!
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Get Grilling!
How to Spot a Utility Scam
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Know what to look for & what to do if you’re targeted.
Scam Info
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My Energy Analyzer
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Learn about cost-effective solutions for lowering your bill.
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
Electric Utility
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Electric Utility
Electric Plans
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Electric Plans
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  Electric Reliability

of customers have electric power as of 12:20 PM




Electric Power​​​​​​ CenterPoint Energy is committed to providing reliable and safe electric power to over 2 million customers in the greater Houston area.

The following tools can help to give you peace of mind:



Junior Achievement

​​At CenterPoint Energy, we are proud sponsors and a longtime partner with Junior Achievement. Last year marked a major corporate milestone, having reached more than 50,000 students with our program nationwide. Learn more about our community involvement.


Get the Grill of Your Dreams!

​Visit the Natural Gas MarketPlace to sizzle and save this summer with $25 off the purchase of a natural gas grill

Enjoy other quality natural gas products and personalized service from MarketPlace dealers.

  • Fireplaces & logs
  • Fire pits
  • Lights

Create your ultimate outdoor living experience with help from the Natural Gas MarketPlace!