Heating System Rebates
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Enjoy warmth, comfort and savings for your home.
Heating System Rebates
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Make Managing Your Bills Easier
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Average Monthly Billing evens out seasonal peaks.
Make Managing Your Bills Easier
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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
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Paperless Billing

​​​​​​​​​Go paperless for easy account management!

Reduce clutter, and choose your preferred payment option: pay now, schedule a future payment, or set up automatic payments.

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New Year, More Money-Saving Rebates

​​​​​​Bring in the new year with a focus on saving money and energy. When you take advantage of CenterPoint Energy’s rebate program​ for high-efficiency natural gas equipment for your home, you’ll save money on your purchase price today as well as all year-round with better efficiency.



Dealer Circle

​Connect with trusted, local natural gas heating dealers and plumbers through CenterPoint Energy’s Dealer Circle​. This is a free referral service designed to connect you with local natural gas heating dealers and plumbers.