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Don’t Sweat Power Outages!

A power outage can greatly disrupt your lifestyle. Just imagine even a few minutes at home without air conditioning or lights!

Purchase a natural gas generator and put the power back in your hands. Eliminate the discomfort and inconvenience of unexpected power outages and secure 24/7 automatic back up power protection for your home and family. Get started today!

Stay in the know with Payment Alerts

​​When you choose to turn off your paper bills you can rest easy knowing you’ll still know when your bill is due and payable.

  • Get an email when bill is ready to view and pay
  • Add text or email payment alerts for an extra nudge

Learn more about paperless billing.



Get the Grill of Your Dreams!

​Visit the Natural Gas MarketPlace to sizzle and save this summer with $25 off the purchase of a natural gas grill

Enjoy other quality natural gas products and personalized service from MarketPlace dealers.

  • Fireplaces & logs
  • Fire pits
  • Lights

Create your ultimate outdoor living experience with help from the Natural Gas MarketPlace!