​​​CenterPoint Energy works with a variety of suppliers, buying natural gas throughout the year on a competitive bid ​basis, a common utility practice, to ensure reliable supplies and to take advantage of typically lower spring and summer natural gas prices.

The best way for you to manage your natural gas bill is to enroll in our levelized billing program and to conserve energy. Simple, inexpensive efforts can reduce energy usage and lower your bills. Natural gas remains the best energy value​​ for heating homes and water, drying clothes and cooking compared to other fuels. CenterPoint Energy offers energy efficiency tips and programs to help customers manage their energy bills. 
To learn more about how you can get ready for winter, click on the links below. 



​Average Monthly Billing

​Take a bite out of high winter bills by spreading your heating costs more evenly throughout the year.​

​Energy-saving information​

Discover energy-saving tips, information on weatherization, a cost calculator and much more.

​Payment Assistance

​Get help paying your bill, or help someone else. ​

Gas usage information​

​Register for My Account Online to view your natural gas usage online. Compare your usage this year to last year. 

​​Natural gas prici​ng​​

​Learn how market forces of supply and demand, weather and the economy affect the wholesale price of natural gas.