​​​We reward residential customers for choosing high-efficiency natural gas equipment. Learn about our Heating System Rebates and Water Heater Rebates.  Work with a heating dealer of your choice to determine the best equipment for your home. 

Learn more about CenterPoint Energy Efficiency Programs and Rebates for your home:​​

Water Heater Rebates

Water Heater Rebates

These rebates are available to CenterPoint Energy customers who purchase and install a qualifying high efficiency natural gas tank water heater or tankless water heater.

Heating System Rebates

Heating System Rebates​​​

CenterPoint Energy's high efficiency heating rebate program provides rebates to customers who purchase and install a high efficiency natural gas heating system.

Furnace Tune-up Rebates

Furnace Tune-up Rebate

Make sure that your heating system is operating at maximum efficiency and reduce costly breakdowns with a low cost furnace tune-up and receive a $25 rebate.

Free Energy-Saving Showerheads and Faucet Aerators

Free Energy-Saving Showerheads and Faucet Aerators

Free energy-saving showerheads and faucet aerators are available to CenterPoint Energy natural gas heating customers.