Enjoy better balance with Average Monthly Billing

No one likes unexpected expenses. That’s one reason CenterPoint Energy offers customers a way to smooth out seasonal peaks and valleys in your bill. Our Average Monthly Billing option can help make your bills more predictable, which can help you manage your energy costs.

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Carving out energy savings tips for you!

Customers like you helped save more than 2.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2015, reducing our total carbon footprint 120,000 metric tons – that’s the equivalent of removing 20,000 cars from U.S. roads for a year. 
Here are 10 tips that can help you save both money and energy this heating season:

1. Take advantage of our natural gas equipment rebates
2. Weatherstrip and/or caulk around window and door frames; seal bypasses
3. Provide adequate ventilation for air circulation in your attic.
4. Check furnace filters monthly and change as needed.
5. Clean humidifiers at beginning of heating season.
6. Set thermostat to 68 F and lower the thermostat to 58 F when you’re away. For every one-degree reduction in the thermostat setting, you can save 3 to 5 percent on heating bills.
7. Keep furniture or other obstructions away from radiators or forced air vents.
8. Keep the fireplace damper closed when not in use.  Close doors, heat ducts or radiators to unused rooms.
9. Stretch plastic tightly over the inside or outside of windows to reduce cold air infiltration.
10. Plant trees for a windbreak and sun protection.

​Beat the furnace tune-up rush

Fall is a great time to get your furnace tune-up. Not only will you be ready for when the weather turns colder, you'll find scheduling with your heating technician sooner rather than later leaves you with more available options.

Help your furnace operate at maximum efficiency with a low-cost furnace tune-up. A tune-up not only ensures you'll have heat when you need it, it'll also help ensure your furnace lasts longer and avoid costly breakdowns.

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What to do if you smell gas

The odor of rotten eggs is not pleasant and is highly distinctive, which is exactly why we add that smell to natural gas and why you need to take the following precautions when you smell it:

• Leave immediately on foot.
• If you’re outside and suspect a gas leak, leave immediately on foot in an upwind direction away from the leak and maintain a safe distance.
• Do NOT flip a light switch, strike a match, smoke, or use a car, cell phone, generator, flashlight or anything that might cause a spark.
• Once you are safely away from the area, report possible gas leaks to 911 and CenterPoint Energy’s gas leak hotline for your region.

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United Way campaign wraps up

The United Way goes beyond temporary fixes to create lasting change in communities by bringing people and organizations together around innovative solutions. In 2016, CenterPoint Energy and its employees pledged over $2.3 million to nearly 90 United Way chapters across our service territory. Find your local chapter of the United Way, and learn how to donate by visiting  

​A record year for volunteering with Junior Achievement 

In 2015-16, CenterPoint Energy volunteers partnered with Junior Achievement to cover 902 classes and reach more than 25,000 students by delivering K-12 grade programs fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential.
Learn how you can support your local Junior Achievement program.

Get ready for winter

Winter is around the corner, and if you, your neighbors or family are having a tough time paying your energy bills, or anticipate difficulty, we can help. CenterPoint Energy wants to ensure all our customers stay warm and comfortable this heating season. Find out how you can receive energy assistance, or to donate to funds that help others.




We want to hear from YOU!

Whether you use our state-of-the-art self-service system or you need to speak with a live person, CenterPoint Energy’s Customer Service team strives to provide you with expert advice and the best possible experience when you need us most.  Here are a few recent testimonials from customers like you:

"…I certainly appreciate that I didn't have to wait on anybody.  [The self-service system] was very accurate and very prompt.  I loved doing it.  When I was ready to pay my bill, I didn't have to give any of my information to it.  It was like talking to a live person!  It even said, 'Hello,' to me." – Connie P., Texas

“I was just happy with the service I received today.  Everybody hates to pay bills, but whenever I have a problem, you’re always good with helping me and I appreciate it.” – Geneva. L., Arkansas

“The rep was very courteous and I was very happy to talk to her.  I wish everybody had people like that.” – Rosa V., Texas

"It was so easy, comfortable, and not stressful.  I wish all the companies were like that:  Not stressful!" Tony S. – Arkansas

"She was very informative and very helpful to me and I appreciate that!" – Janet H., Mississippi

Thanks for the kind words!  We work hard every day to provide you with an exemplary service experience.  When you talk to us, let us know how we're doing or how we might help you better.