​​​​​​​Trees, Vegetation and Electric Safety​​​

planting trees

  • Be careful when cutting or clearing fallen trees. They may have power lines tangled in them.
  • Look for power lines before climbing trees. Check first before you climb a tree that is located near power lines.
  • If a tree has wires going through it, don't climb it and call CenterPoint Energy. Even if wires aren't touching the tree, the added weight of a person in the tree could cause a branch to contact a power line.

Plant the right trees in the right place

CenterPoint Energy understands that the responsible planting of trees is a way to care for our environment and beautify our community. To maintain safety and electric service reliability, we trim about 1 million trees per year.

The Arbor Day Foundation has recognized us for planting trees and utilizing best practices in utility arboriculture to ensure our service commitments.

CenterPoint Energy encourages you to "plant the right tree in the right place" to avoid power outages and help prevent safety hazards for you and your neighbors.​

right tree right place