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Fueling the Future with NGVs

Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are fast becoming an important part of many companies’ fleets, producing  20 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than standard vehicles. Natural gas is a clean, alternative fuel that is consistently less expensive and more environmentally friendly than diesel or gasoline. 

  • There are about 153,000 NGVs on U.S. roads today and more than 15.2 worldwide
  • ​There are 1,640 CNG (compressed natural gas) and 123 LNG (liquefied natural gas) fueling stations in the U.S. 
  • ​In the U.S., about 50 different manufacturers produce 100 models of light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and engines
  • NGVs meet the strictest emission standards
  • ​NGVs are as safe as, or safer than traditional gasoline or diesel vehicle




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