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Curtailment Update

​​Dual fuel customers -There is no curtailment anticipated at this time. To hear today's curtailment forecast you may dial: 612-321-4998.



Avoid the Clutter - Go Paperless.

​​​When you switch to paperless billing​, you’ll get the same information you’ve always received on your paper bills, but the information is more secure and making the switch is better for the environment.

Rebate Savings Time's Winding Down!

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​​Time is running out for your customers to gather up your rebate savin​gs. Be sure to sub​mit your 2017 rebate applications Dec. 31 to get your share.

Natural gas equipment rebates can help you save on the initial purchase price of energy-efficient equipment installations throughout your operation.  Plus, you’ll save year-round with better energy efficiency making a positive impact on your energy bills.



Save Money, Shrink Your Bills

​Take 30 seconds to learn what CenterPoint Energy rebates and programs will help your business save energy and money.

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