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Easy Energy Efficiency

​​​​​Making your business more energy efficient doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Making a few adjustments or changing a few habits can result in savings that can really add up and impact your bottom line.​

  • Air conditioning: Installing a programmable thermostat can automatically ensure the setting is adjusted to provide maximum savings, especially if building is unoccupied for several hours each day.
  • Sealing all the air leaks around doors and windows goes a long way toward increasing interior comfort and reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Set back your building's thermostate by 10 to 15% ​​for eight hour​s per day and cut heating bills by as much as 10% each year. For greater temperature control, use a programmable or setback thermostat.
  • Set water heater temperature to 120 F to lower energy cost without sacrificing comfort for employees or customers.
  • Get more energy efficiency tips​

Avoid the Clutter - Go Paperless.

​​​When you switch to paperless billing​, you’ll get the same information you’ve always received on your paper bills, but the information is more secure and making the switch is better for the environment.



Stay Safe and Smart

​​​​​​Our new all-ages interactive website features activities, games and videos to help increase awareness of natural gas safety, energy conservation and industry careers. Visit CenterPoint Energy's Safe and Smart​ today.​​

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