​​​​​​​​Pipeline Construction & Infrastructure​

Helping conn​​ect your facility to natural gas supply sources​​

Our CenterPoint Energy Intrastate Pipelines (CEIP) team can help you with:

  • Pipeline construction and infrastructure services
  • Design and operating process
  • ​Last mile​ projects to connect your facility to the source of natural gas supply


Large industrial end-users that have competitive alternatives for gas supply -- such as refineries, specialty chemical plants, industrial product manufacturers, steel producers, etc. -- can benefit from this service.

CEIP currently owns and operates approximately 234 miles of intrastate pipeline in Louisiana and Texas, serves more than 150 delivery points, and contracts out more than 2 Bcf of storage under long-term leases at its Pierce Junction facility in Texas.​

Infrastructure capabilities:

  • Intrastate pipelines
  • Storage investments
  • Direct connections
  • Asset investment opportunities
  • Many others

Infrastructure services:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Engineering design
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Turnkey construction
  • Operations (including energy response)
  • Maintenance
  • Physical supply management

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