Competitive natural gas supply and rela​ted energy services​

CenterPoint Energy Services (CES) offers competitive natural gas supply and related energy services for gas utilities, large industrials, electric generators, small commercial customers, municipalities, educational institutions, governmental facilities, hospital systems and more.

  • Over 25,000 end-use customers
  • Serving customers in 20 states
  • 1 Bcf/day of firm pipeline capacity
  • 13.2 Bcf of underground storage capacity

​Our services include​

  • Load forecasting
  • Supply acquisition
  • Daily swing volume management
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Storage asset management
  • Firm and interruptible transportation administration
  • Forward price management

Pipeline Construction and Infrastructure
CES currently transports natural gas on 25 interstate and intrastate pipelines within states located throughout the central and eastern United States. CenterPoint Energy Intrastate Pipelines (CEIP) owns and operates approximately 234 miles of intrastate pipeline in Louisiana and Texas and contracts out approximately 2.3 Bcf of storage at its Pierce Junction facility in Texas under long-term leases. In addition, CES leases transportation capacity of approximately 0.7 Bcf per day on various interstate and intrastate pipelines and approximately 13.2 Bcf of storage to service our shippers and end-users.