​​​​​​If your facility has a boiler system, it's doing a lot of work. Our boiler system component rebates help you ensure your facility operates as efficiently as possible.

Qualifying Equipment​​


Rebate amount 

Fully Modulating or 6-step
Modulation Boiler Burner
$1,000 per MMBtu input;
not to exceed 25% of equipment costs
Vent DamperUp to $250 per boiler;
not to exceed 25% of equipment costs
Boiler Reset ControlsUp to $150/control system;
not to exceed 25% of equipment costs
Boiler Cut-out ControlsUp to $150/control system;
not to exceed 25% of equipment costs

*Only new equipment is eligible for rebates.

Program Basics

Program dates are January 1 - December 31. Rebates are rewarded on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are depleted.  Rebate program funds are budgeted on an annual basis.  Rebate amounts and availability are subject to approval by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. 

Three Easy Steps to Receive a Rebate

1. Purchase and install qualifying new natural gas equipment at a location with natural gas service from CenterPoint Energy in Oklahoma. Account number must be activated for installation address in order for rebate to be processed.

2. Complete the rebate form ​with your contractor or installer.

Boiler System Component Rebate Form (PDF)​​​

3. Submit the rebate form with a copy of the invoice to:

Commercial Rebate Processing 
CenterPoint Energy 
401 W. Capitol Ave., Suite #102 
Little Rock, AR 72201
​ ​
Make sure the invoice includes pricing information with separate figures for equipment, labor and taxes; manufacturer, complete model and serial numbers, purchaser's name and installation address, and boiler efficiency. Submit all the paperwork by calendar year end (Dec. 31).

Some utility rebates are taxable under Internal Revenue Service rules. Customers are responsible for all applicable taxes.

CenterPoint Energy reserves the right to limit any rebate and conduct on-site inspection of installed equipment. All decisions by CenterPoint Energy regarding energy savings, cost savings, rebate amounts and approvals are final. CenterPoint Energy cannot guarantee energy savings and does not warranty rebated equipment.

Allow six to eight weeks for rebate processing from the time we receive your completed paperwork​.



​​​​​All rebates must be submitted by December 31, 2016.