​​​​​Home Energy Audit​​

Find Out Where Your House is Losing Energy and Money​​​

Home Energy AuditA Home Energy Audit offers a comprehensive in-depth energy analysis of your home to help you make the most of your energy dollar.

​How Energy Efficient is Your Home?

Know where your house is losing energy and what you can do to save money with a Home Energy Audit. CenterPoint Energy's Standard Home Energy Audit is offered to customers at a significantly reduced price — 50 percent less than market value.

​During the Home Energy Audit, our certified energy auditor will:

  • ​Locate attic air leakage areas and assess weatherization opportunities.
  • Assess exterior walls, windows and doors.
  • Review heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and water heating equipment.
  • Check lighting and appliances.
  • Deliver a report detailing the energy-saving opportunities uncovered during the audit, along with your certified auditor's improvement recommendations.

​Standard Home Energy Audit, $100

Obtain detailed information for potential energy savings with a comprehensive in-depth technical analysis of your energy use to uncover hidden problems and includes specific suggestions for improvements.

Three valuable services we provide:
  1. ​A blower door test to determine the general location of air leaks.
  2. An infrared inspection to further pinpoint the location of air leaks and moisture problems. Develop solutions to attic bypass air leaks, the elimination of ice dams and reduction of overall conditioned air loss and energy consumption through this scan.
  3. A combustion safety test and carbon monoxide (CO) check to determine if flue gasses might spill into the house under similar conditions. CO levels will also be measured, if present.*

Your energy audit will be conveniently billed on your CenterPoint Energy bill after it has taken place.

*Tests cannot be performed on all heating systems.

Request an Audit

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CenterPoint Energy’s Home Energy Audit is offered to our customers at a reduced price, which is less than half of the actual cost of the audit.

Making Energy Improvements

Our Standard Home Energy Audit is meant only to show you how you can increase the efficiency and comfort of your home and potentially reduce your energy costs. You are under no obligation to make the suggested improvements, and you can trust our auditor to be objective.