​​​​Ruud Energy Efficient Water Heaters​

Safe Natural Gas Water Heaters

The experts at CenterPoint Energy's Home Service Plus® (HSP) have determined RUUD® Water Heaters to be the best natural gas water heaters available today. Inventor Edwin Ruud developed the first automatic water heater in 1889, and HSP is proud to be the exclusive MN dealer for these innovate and energy-saving water heaters. Experience total home comfort with RUUD ® and HSP!.

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​Call us at 612-342-4610 and our sales representatives will be happy to help and give you a price quote right over the phone that includes:

  • Installation of your new  energy efficient water heater. 
  • Disconnection, draining and hauling away of your old unit -- something the competition doesn't offer. 
  • Permit fees for your community. 
  • Up front information by the installer before installation about any additional charges that may apply to satisfy current city and state mechanical codes.
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Calculate your savings with a new, energy efficient water heater from HSP.
Use our online calculator to see how a new RUUD water heater can help save you money! Then, simply call the Home Service Plus experts and we'll help you find the best water heater for your needs.

When you call HSP, we'll help you find the correct capacity natural gas water heater that will deliver all the hot water you need. Or, review our selection guidelines​​ to find the water heater tank size that best suits your needs and compare and select from available models. ​

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