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Energy Underground

At Energy Underground, you’ll find natural gas information, videos, games and activities for teachers and students of all ages.  Be sure to check out the following:

  • Games and Activities – Students in grades K-4 and 5-7 can challenge themselves with energy-related puzzles, games and activities.
  • The Underground – Sniffy the Sniffasaurus®, Maurice the Mole and Ernesto the Earthworm help elementary age students discover facts about natural gas, safety, energy conservation, careers and more. Here students will also find vocabulary games and activities, science facts, biographical sketches of individuals who have made important scientific discoveries.
  • Deep Earth – Created especially for middle and high school students, Deep Earth focuses on natural gas safety, science, and language arts activities.
  • Videos – Basics of natural gas are covered in videos for students in grades K-4 and 5-7.
  • Just for Teachers – Teachers can register free and access lesson plans and activities for their classroom use.
  • Save Energy – All age groups can benefit from tips on how to use energy wisely in the home.
  • Safety for Home and Work – Great natural gas safety reminders both for the home and outdoors.
  • Energetic Careers – Students thinking about career possibilities can check out the recommendations for study and careers in the energy industry.


Electric Universe

At our Electric Universe website, you can find hundreds of Web pages with educational information, games and activities related to electricity and electrical safety. Electric Universe is divided into different areas for diverse age groups:

  • Games and Activities – Elementary and middle school students are invited to test their knowledge and skill with a number of puzzles, games and activities.
  • Louie’s Lessons - Games, videos and lessons for grades K-5. Here students will learn about electricity and safety. When they have completed all the included reading and activities, they can earn a Louie Certificate.
  • Just for Teachers – After completing a free registration, teachers can access lesson plans and experiments, suggestions for classroom activities, an energy glossary, and additional resources.
  • Videos – Several basic electricity and electrical safety videos for elementary and middle school students can be viewed on the website.
  • Charged Up Careers – Check out some of the varied careers offered in the energy industry.
  • New Frontiers - This section has great lessons on energy and safety for students in grades 6-12.
  • Save Energy – Children and adults can learn ways to conserve electricity in every room of the house, as well as test their knowledge through the Power Bandit game.
  • Workplace Safety - Whether at home or work, care should be taken when working with electrically-powered tools and appliances. This section contains valuable information for anyone working around power lines.