New residential rates effective Dec. 1, 2014
Natural gas delivered safely and reliably

New rates affective Dec. 1, 2014
In August 2013, CenterPoint Energy filed a request with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to change its rates for utility distribution service. New rates begin December 1, 2014, as approved by the MPUC.

The effect on an average residential customer's bill will be an increase of about $2.85 per month, or $34 per year.

About your refund
State law allowed CenterPoint Energy to collect interim (temporary) rates while the MPUC considered the rate increase request. As the final rate increase is less than the interim rate increase we will refund the difference, with interest, beginning in December 2014. A typical residential customer's refund will be about $11.

Why The New Rates Are Needed

We are making significant capital improvements in Minnesota in accordance with natural gas pipeline safety and integrity regulations. The expenses are necessary to:

  • Ensure that you receive natural gas service delivered safely and reliably to your homes and businesses
  • To respond to significant public improvement requirements on the system
  • To modernize the system with technology improvements

Learn how new rates will affect your natural gas bill.

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