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CenterPoint Energy has been hard at work systematically improving and modernizing natural gas pipelines throughout several neighborhoods in its service territories. The ongoing construction projects will occur on natural gas pipelines and distribution mains that supply natural gas to hundreds of thousands of CenterPoint Energy customers and local businesses in the surrounding metropolitan area.

Why is construction necessary?

New pipeline segments and system upgrades are needed in order to help maintain safety and reliability.  These improvements are considered standard maintenance and upkeep of our system. The new piping segments and upgrades are installed with the most current construction standards and requirements, and are designed to facilitate a cost-effective, ongoing inspection process required for all natural gas pipelines.  CenterPoint Energy routinely conducts systematic pipeline replacement and upgrades. Read more replacement project facts.

What should I expect?

CenterPoint Energy is accelerating schedules for pipeline construction and upgrade projects in the communities we serve. The new upgrades are designed to facilitate a cost-effective, ongoing inspection process required for all natural gas transmission pipelines. Read more >> 


2015 Construction Sites

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 The Environment
The Environment

As is the case with natural gas safety, environmental considerations are strongly factored into how we operate. CenterPoint Energy attempts to preserve vegetative growth where possible and we working closely with officials in preservation of areas and species.


Any vegetation disturbed by CenterPoint Energy will be restored as nearly as possible to its original condition, normal wear and tear excepted.  Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that has less impact on the environment, leaving about half the carbon footprint of electricity. We strive to be good stewards of the environment. We are committed to responsible actions that can help reduce emissions, ensure ample natural gas supply and control costs for our customers.

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CenterPoint Energy operates more than 13,200 miles of natural gas pipelines in Minnesota - helping ensure safe and reliable natural gas service to about 806,000 customers. 

We are committed to the safe and reliable operation of its pipelines in your community and we monitor the operations of our pipelines which are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained in accordance with all applicable Federal and State requirements.


CenterPoint Energy maintains its safety record by routine inspections, corrosion protection, maintenance and testing programs, employee training and public education.