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Charitable Contributions
Application Process

To be considered for a contribution, please submit a charitable contributions proposal, as outlined below, and a W-9 form. Please provide the following information in narrative form in this order. Four to five pages or less is recommended, excluding attachments.

Organizational Information

  • Brief summary of organization history, mission and goals
  • Description of current programs, activities, service statistics and strengths/accomplishments
  • Organization's relationship with other organizations that are working to meet the same needs or providing similar services. Please explain how you differ from these agencies.
  • Number of board members, full time paid staff, part-time paid staff and volunteers
  • Is there a broad base of support for the program you are proposing?
  • Have you formed partnerships to help meet your goals?

Purpose of Grant

  • Situation - Opportunity, problem, issue, need in the community that your proposal addresses
  • Specific activities - Specific activities for which you seek funding, overall goal(s) and timeframe


How you will measure the effectiveness of your activities.

Required Attachments

  • A copy of your current IRS determination letter indicating tax-exempt  501(c)(3) status
  • Board of directors list including names and affiliations
  • Annual report, if available, or other material summarizing organization's activities
  • Current year's itemized operating revenue and expense budget for the organization
  • Most recently audited financial statements
  • A list of major corporate and foundation donors that you are soliciting for funding with  dollar amounts, indicating which sources are committed, pending or anticipated
  • A list of staff, including names and phone numbers and affiliations