CenterPoint EnergyElectric Transmission and Distribution
Multifamily Water and Space Heating Program

Incentives are offered to multifamily project developers who agree to facilitate the installation of non-electric water heating in both market rate and affordable rate multifamily projects within CenterPoint Energy’s electric distribution service territory.

Program Eligibility

  • The Program incentives apply to multifamily units within CenterPoint Energy’s electric distribution service territory.
  • All water heating equipment must meet or exceed applicable federal efficiency standards or local building codes, as applicable. For storage tank water heaters, these standards were revised in 2004. For natural gas storage tank water heaters, the current federal standards are:
Size   EF 
40 Gallon   0.59 
50 Gallon   0.58 



Incentives are offered for projects involving the installation of individual water heaters and central service water heaters, the program provides different incentive levels for market-rate (residential) and affordable (hard-to-reach or HTR). For more information, please email our program contact at

Additional Program Information

Please visit our sponsor portal for 2014 forms and information.