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Distribution Line Vegetation Management
  • Distribution lines carry 12,470 or 34,500 volts of electricity. Power lines with greater voltages require greater clearances to maintain an acceptable level of reliability.

  • We trim 700,000 to 1 million trees on our distribution system each year. There are a total of 3.5 million trees on our distribution system that need to be trimmed periodically.

  • Currently, more than 100 contractor tree-crews work daily to maintain distribution lines throughout our greater Houston service area.

  • About 85 percent of our Distribution Vegetation Management work is for planned, circuit-wide maintenance due to reliability performance. The remaining 15 percent is unplanned, localized maintenance in response to immediate reliability issues identified by our operations personnel or for customer requests.

  • We track every interruption on our distribution system and identify whether incidents are due to weather, trees, equipment failure, etc. When trees are the cause, we may trim trees along the circuit/power lines to improve service reliability.

  • When we remove trees along distribution lines with the permission of the property owner, we may offer tree replacements for trees we remove. If a tree is removed at a customer's request, a replacement tree may not be offered.

  • Customers may request that trees be trimmed or removed along our distribution lines by calling their retail electric provider or CenterPoint Energy at 713-659-2111. Within 10 days of receiving the request, a tree contractor will make an inspection. If trimming or removing the tree will improve immediate reliability problems or mitigate a safety or equipment hazard, the tree will be trimmed or removed. Otherwise, trimming or removal may be deferred until normal maintenance is required.

  • When tree trimming is planned, a contractor will place notification door cards with contact information on the doors of customers' homes – except if immediate action is required or it is not obvious where to leave a card. If contacted, the contractors will make appointments with customers to address concerns before the work is done. The contractor should be contacted first to set appointments, rather than CenterPoint Energy.

Plant the right tree in the right place