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Vegetation Management
CenterPoint Energy's tree trimming practices

As fellow residents of the greater Houston area, we support the environment. We promote planting "the right tree in the right place" to promote beauty, energy efficiency, and electric safety.

Trees near power lines must be trimmed periodically to prevent equipment damage and service outages. More than 17 minutes of every hour customers are without power each year results from vegetation contacting power lines. During thunderstorms and hurricanes, most power outages are caused by trees and large branches falling onto power lines due to high winds.

Trees that could interfere with the safe and reliabile operation of electric transmission and distribution lines are trimmed away from power lines to eliminate contact with the wires for several years. Our power line clearance standards are based on clearances we believe are necessary to provide and maintain service reliability.

It's important to distinguish between transmission lines and distribution lines.

Transmission Line Vegetation Management
High voltage transmission lines are usually on large steel towers or poles within rights-of-way owned by CenterPoint Energy.

Distribution Line Vegetation Management
Lower voltage distribution lines are located on wooden poles along roadways or in easements along property lines.

What can you do?

Customers can take the following steps to help avoid the need for tree trimming or removal:

  1. When planting trees, select a location away from power lines.

  2. Call CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 (toll free at 800-332-7143) or check our Tree Planting Guides for an approved list of species that can be planted near power lines.