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Trees & Vegetation
Plant the right tree in the right place

CenterPoint Energy understands that the responsible planting of trees is a way to care for our environment and beautify our community.

We are also committed to the safe and reliable delivery of electricity. To maintain safety and electric service reliability, we trim up to 1 million trees per year. The National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized us for planting trees and for trimming trees with care to ensure our service commitments.

Tree Planting Guides
Plant the right tree in the right place for beauty, energy efficiency and safety.

Plant & Trim Trees Safely
Follow these guidelines to plant and manage trees and other vegetation safely.

Palm trees
If you choose to include palm trees in your landscape, consider the unique issues regarding palm trees located near power lines.

Save Energy & Money
Shade trees are just one way to increase the energy efficiency of your home and save money.

Vegetation Management
Learn about CenterPoint Energy’s standards and practices in managing trees and other vegetation away from power lines.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers before your tree poses a threat to electric safety.

Tree Trimming Contractors
We contract with professional tree trimming companies to trim trees that grow close to power lines