CenterPoint EnergyElectric Transmission and Distribution
Boating & Water Safety

Stay away from low-hanging power lines, downed lines and damaged poles! Report problems to CenterPoint Energy: 713-207-2222.

Bare, un-insulated power lines may cross small bodies of water and docking areas, so watch out for overhead electric lines near boat docks and piers. A sailboat mast, spar, rigging, antenna or flag mast pose potential dangers around power lines.

When hauling, docking or transporting a boat, be sure to remove or lower metal equipment that could come in contact with overhead electric lines. Whether on land or in the water, carefully look around you before raising or moving sailboat booms, oars or fishing poles. Also, when casting your fishing rod, look up for overhead lines. Water makes a good path for electrical current, so never touch electric switches or wires when you are wet.