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Safety Tips

Contact with power lines is dangerous, and CenterPoint Energy cares about your safety. These tips will help you work and play safely outdoors and indoors.

Holiday Safety Tips
When decorating for the holidays remember, safety first.

Indoor Safety Tips
These tips will help you work and play safely indoors.

Outdoor Safety Tips
Tips to help you work and play safely outdoors.

Power Tool Safety Tips
Many home repair jobs require power tools. Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the following basic safety guidelines.

Electric Appliance Safety Tips
Before buying an electric appliance, be sure it is approved by an authorized consumer laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Look for the laboratory's approval symbol. Large appliances, such as washers and dryers, should have their own circuits. Also, be sure a three-pronged plug "grounds" each appliance.

For More Safety Information

If you would like more information on electrical safety, just call CenterPoint Energy at 713-945-6707 or

To schedule an electrical safety program for a school, call CenterPoint Energy Community Relations at 713-207-7121 or e-mail


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