CenterPoint EnergyElectric Transmission and Distribution
Avoid Underground Dangers

Did you know that almost 30 percent of CenterPoint Energy's power lines are underground? In addition to power lines, there are phone lines, gas lines, water lines and sewer lines that run underground, possibly directly in the path of your construction crew.

To be sure you won’t cut through any of these lines, endangering your life and others, call the Lone Star Notification Center (LSNC) for the Houston Metropolitan Area at 713-223-4567 or, outside of Houston, at 1-800-669-8344, or nationwide at 811 at least 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) before you begin excavation.

Reasons to call the notification center and avoid damage to underground lines:

  1. Threat to life, health, and property
  2. Loss of service
  3. Expense for repair
  4. It’s the law

CenterPoint Energy will locate and identify, by color-coded paint and flags (see below) all CenterPoint Energy underground power lines within an easement and/or allocated position.

Utility Location & Coordination Council Uniform Color Code

Underground service conductors from CenterPoint Energy-owned transformers or secondary pedestals which run to the customers’ structures are usually the responsibility of the property owners and will not be located by CenterPoint Energy. Property owners are responsible for locating facilities on their land prior to excavation.


CenterPoint Energy does not locate customer-owned underground service drops. However, you may call the CenterPoint Energy locating department at 713-207-5463 for information on contractors.Underground Electric Service Lines