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Electric Equipment Safety Tips

At CenterPoint Energy, we’re giving you more electric safety information. Every day, equipment from CenterPoint Energy brings you power safely, but when something goes wrong you should know what to do. Sometimes it’s weather, sometimes it’s an accident, but damaged electrical equipment and downed power lines could be life threatening.

STAY AWAY - and call CenterPoint Energy IMMEDIATELY. 713-207-2222

Remember, all CenterPoint Energy electrical equipment should be handled only by our trained personnel. Your safety is in your hands and always on our mind.

Distribution Wires Distribution wires are "live" – carrying electric current that can harm you if you or an object comes in contact with the power line or other energized components. Stay clear of wires, insulators or transformers.
Guy wires Guy wires help keep poles standing. Don't climb or hang anything on guy wires. If a guy wire appears to be damaged, frayed or broken, stay away from the guy wire and report the condition to CenterPoint Energy immediately. In rare circumstances, broken guy wires could come in contact with energized wires or components on the pole and become energized.
Don't climb utility poles Never climb utility poles, transmission towers or substation fences. If you have lost something over a substation fence, contact CenterPoint Energy to retrieve it for you.
Substances Substations are not playgrounds. Substations contain energized equipment that reduces high voltage electricity to a voltage for delivery to homes and businesses. These substations may be located in your neighborhood and are protected by locked gates and fences or walls. Don't climb over or crawl under substation fences or gates. If a ball or toy goes over a fence and into a substation, call CenterPoint Energy for assistance.
Look for power lines Look for power lines before climbing trees. Check first before you climb a tree that is located near power lines. If the tree has wires going through it, don’t climb the tree and call CenterPoint Energy. Even if wires aren't touching the tree, the added weight of a person in the tree could cause a branch to contact a power line.
fallen wires Don't touch fallen wires. Don't touch or go near fallen or broken wires of any kind, even if there are no sparks. Don't touch anything (cars, fences, people, etc.) that the wire touches. If you're in a vehicle on which a power line has fallen, wait inside for help and warn others to stay away. If you must get out, jump clear without touching the ground and the vehicle at the same time.
Meters Meters and other electrical equipment may be located on the outside of a home or building. The meter measures the amount of electricity used. Never tamper with this or any electrical equipment. It is illegal to tamper with the meter.
Pad-mount Electrical equipment is often in your backyard or around your home. Equipment like pad-mount transformers shown here reduce high voltage to a voltage that is usable by residences and businesses. Stay clear of this equipment. If the equipment appears to be damaged or tampered with, call CenterPoint Energy immediately.


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