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Smart Pool ProgramSwim, splash and save
Did you know that a swimming pool circulation pump is often a household’s second-highest energy consuming device behind central air conditioning? By replacing it with a properly calibrated variable-speed pool pump you can reduce your pool’s energy use by up to 80 percent and save hundreds of dollars on pool energy costs each year.

The CenterPoint Energy Smart Pool Program provides an instant $225 discount on a qualified variable-speed pool pump when purchased and installed through participating retailers. The discount will be applied at the time of purchase – no rebate forms required!

Benefits of variable-speed pool pumps

  • Automatically adjusts from higher speeds for heavy filtering to lower speeds to keep water moving through the filter. Lower RPMs use less energy and save money on utility bills.
  • Less wear-and-tear on the motor provides longer product life and fewer maintenance costs.
  • Run cooler and quieter to help you enjoy your pool time even more – and your neighbors will appreciate it, too!

Program eligibility

  • Customers may participate if they own a residential, in-ground swimming pool. Above ground swimming pools and spas do not qualify.
  • Customers must have the pump professionally installed and calibrated by a participating pool retailer.
  • Only new variable-speed pool pumps qualify for an instant discount
  • Customers must be located in the CenterPoint Energy electric service territory.

Additional resources

For more information, please Email our program contact at 

 Customer Hand out 

For the qualified pumps handbook