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A/C Distributor Program
Residential and Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program
AC Residential and Small Commercial Program

The A/C Distributor Program provides incentives to air-conditioning distributors who agree to facilitate the installation of high-efficiency air-conditioners and heat pumps in single-family homes, multi-family homes and  small commercial businesses within CenterPoint Energy’s electric service territory.

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Services Provided

The program will accept qualifying 1.5 to 5 ton systems installed in residential and small commercial replacement applications within the CenterPoint Energy electric service territory; new construction applications do not qualify. The program will require AHRI-matched residential and small commercial systems that meet or exceed guidelines of 16 SEER/12 EER (plus 8.2 HSPF for heat pumps).

Program Eligibility

Eligible participants include HVAC distributors who install air conditioning equipment within CenterPoint Energy’s electric service territory. CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric does not pay direct incentives to homeowners or small business owners for this program. If you are a homeowner or small business owner, please contact your local A/C dealer for more information regarding this program.

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