CenterPoint EnergyElectric Transmission and Distribution
Affiliate Transactions

Any required documentation of affiliate transactions would be posted on these Web pages.

Listing of information requests made by third parties (CR's) to CenterPoint Energy (formerly Reliant Energy HL&P.) 
If CenterPoint Energy Houston considers purchasing products or services from a competitive affiliate, a competitive bid process will be undertaken. 
CenterPoint Energy does not discriminate in offering discounts, rebates or alternative tariff terms and conditions to any of our competitive affiliates.
CenterPoint Energy employees who have assisted in temporary assignments related to safety or the reliability of a utility system. 
Employee transfers between CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric, LLC and its competitive affiliates are listed here.
Contacts in CR Support for questions on EDI transactions, test procedures, distributed generation and general issues.
Any newly created affiliates of CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric are listed here.
Certain information that CenterPoint Energy Houston shares with its competitive affiliates, which is not covered by the Aggregate Customer Information page.
Contractors doing business with CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric must comply with CNP's Internal Code of Conduct as required by the PUC of Texas.
CenterPoint Energy provides customer information to electricity suppliers in a nondiscriminatory manner.
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