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Competitive Retailer / Retail Electric Provider Qualification Process

General Qualifications
Click on the link above for steps that a Competitive Retailer (CR) / Retail Electric Provider (REP) should complete to qualify as a market participant in CenterPoint Energy’s service territory.

Financial Qualifications
Link to the PUCT Rules and Statute to view the financial qualifications of Substantive Rule 25.107.

Technical Qualifications
The Public Utility Commission of Texas has selected an independent third party testing service (ITPTA) to technically qualify CRs for each required market transaction. Information on the qualification schedule is available on the ERCOT Web site.

Additional information on the technical requirements is available in the PUCT Rules and Statute, Substantive Rule 25.107.

ERCOT training courses
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas offers training on both market and system operations. On their Web site, you will find the listings of available zonal-market-related courses and their availability, dates, locations and registration deadlines.

For aggregators
Customer aggregators must be affiliated with a certified Competitive Retailer. For more information, see the Texas Choice Program Web site.

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