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Smart Meter Texas
View your electric usage in 15-minute intervals
The Smart Meter Texas website was built by a consortium of electric transmission and distribution utilties, including CenterPoint Energy, Oncor, and American Electric Power, to give customers with smart meters in the service territories of these utilities more control over their electricity use.

Consumers can register at to access detailed views of their electric usage history in 13-month, 30-day, or 24-hour snapshots down to 15-minute intervals including usage data up two days previous. 

The Smart Meter Texas portal also allows retail electric providers (REPs) to access their smart meter customers' usage information to support retail offerings such as energy analysis tools, time-of-use rates, and pre-paid service. Through the portal, REPs can also connect Home Area Network devices to smart meters to help consumers better manage their electricity use by remotely controlling smart electric appliances and thermostats, which are under development by a number of manufacturers.

If you are an IDR customer, you can view your usage with DEIS 

For more information, or to register your meter, visit

Click here for an online demo of the Smart Meter Texas web portal.

Important things to know about Smart Meter Texas

  1. To register, you will need your meter number and ESI ID (electric service identifier), which are on your bill.
  2. The best browsers to view the Smart Meter Texas website are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the site by viewing the online demo and Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. To view electric usage from the period before your smart meter was installed, contact your retail electric provider.
  5. You may contact the Smart Meter Texas help desk at 1-888-616-5859.