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You have the power to choose and to save

Save Energy

See CenterPoint Energy's current energy efficiency programs designed to help reduce electric energy demand. We offer incentives to commercial and industrial customers for taking energy efficiency measures. Save money while you save energy.

Save Money – you have the "power to choose"

In the restructured Texas electric market, CenterPoint Energy no longer generates or sells electricity. We do deliver electricity to over 2 million homes and businesses on behalf of about 100 Retail Electric Providers (REPs) or Competitive Retailers (CRs).

We continue to read your meter, restore service after storms, and hook up new customers. However, you no longer receive a bill directly from us. Instead, you receive a bill from your CR, who pays us for delivering the electricity.

You can shop around at any time for a new CR based on price, service, or environmental concerns. It's up to you, based on what's important to your business. As you consider your options, you can track your electric usage through our Demand & Energy Information System. Compare offers from various companies —and read the fine print. Ask for the Electricity Facts Label, which provides information on prices, contract terms, sources of power generation, and emissions per kWh generated. Compare billing programs, terms of service, and if rates can change during the contract period.

To find a retail electric provider (or competitive retailer) visit the Web sites below or click on the corresponding ads to the right:

Regardless of your choice, rest assured that you can expect the same safe, reliable delivery of electricity that we've provided for more than 130 years.

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