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Sustainable Schools
Sustainable Schools Efficiency Program

The Sustainable Schools Pilot Program (SSP) is offered at no cost to private and public schools in the CenterPoint Energy electric distribution service territory.

The goal is to raise awareness and change behavior in both students and staff resulting in a positive impact on the environment. For select schools, it also can provide an in-depth energy assessment and recommendations for operational and maintenance improvements.

Services and Materials Provided

Schools enrolling in the program receive assistance in promoting environmentally conscious behavior for the staff and students and creating energy savings at the schools and students’ homes.

Services and materials include:

  • Educational materials and activities
  • Teacher training and guidance
  • Additional resources for lessons and activities
  • School energy audit kit for student audits
  • On-going support for school staff
  • Promoting program accomplishments in the community

For more information, please email our program contact at

Program Benefits

The Sustainable Schools Program offers many benefits to its participants, including:

  • No financial obligation
  • Energy savings and monthly energy cost savings
  • Educating and empowering students
  • Energy audit equipment and training for students
  • Publicity for the schools’ accomplishments in the program

Program Eligibility

Private and public high schools within the CenterPoint Energy electric service territory are eligible to apply. Participation is limited and priority will be given to schools demonstrating an interest in supporting and promoting the program. Schools receiving an in-depth energy assessment will be pre-screened for potential energy savings.