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Retro-Commissioning Program
Commercial Energy Efficiency Program
Retro-Commissioning Efficiency Program

The Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Program offered by CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric promotes the tune-up of major energy-consuming systems in existing commercial buildings, including manufacturing facilities, hospitals, educational campuses, retail stores etc.

Typical RCx measures include HVAC Temperature Reset; Outside Air Reduction; Optimize HVAC Start-Up; Lighting (de-lamping, day-lighting, etc.); Add VFD’s; etc.

Now accepting applications for new projects and new RCx agents.

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RCx Program Basics

  • A technical energy analysis is performed on your facility at NO cost to Owner, by a qualified RCx agent (engineering consulting firms specializing in your market segment).
  • Customer must install, at their own cost, specified low cost measures identified in the analysis which reduces operating and energy costs sufficiently to be a cost-effective project and resulting in a simple payback < 3 years.
  • Projects must be completed by approved project deadlines.
  • Successful RCx projects may benefit from optimized system performance and improved indoor environmental quality resulting in fewer comfort and maintenance issues.
  • Existing facilities should be at least 100,000 square feet of air-conditioned space. Facilities should have a higher than average energy consumption.

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