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Oyster Creek Transmission Project
Proposed 138 kV Transmission Line in Brazoria County

Why is the proposed transmission line needed?
The Oyster Creek transmission project is needed to provide 138 kilovolt (kV) electric transmission service to Freeport LNG Development’s natural gas pretreatment and generation facility in Brazoria County north of State Highway (SH) 332 near the interchange of SH 332 and County Road 690.

Proposed Project
CenterPoint Energy proposes to construct a new 138 kV double-circuit transmission line, connecting an existing 138 kV transmission line to the proposed CenterPoint Energy Oyster Creek Substation located at Freeport LNG’s natural gas pretreatment and generation facility 

Who must approve this project before it is constructed?
The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) must approve this project before it is constructed. The PUCT will determine the best route for the proposed 138 kV transmission line while considering whether the proposed transmission facilities are necessary to serve the public. CenterPoint Energy prepared an application for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) for the proposed 138 kV transmission line project and submitted it to the PUCT on August 22, 2013 under Docket No. 41749 for review and approval. The deadline for intervention in the proceeding was October 7, 2013.

When was the CCN approved by the PUCT and which route did they approve? New
The CCN was approved by the PUCT on January 27, 2014 for the construction of Route 13. Route 13 consists of route segments D-G-T-V-Y-CC and is approximately 2.6 miles long. Route 13 begins at a tie point with an existing 138 kV transmission line located near the corner of FM 523 and Highway 332. The route then follows the northern boundary of Highway 332 southeast for about 1.2 miles, then turns to the east, and then turns to the north just before reaching CR 690/Levee Road, where it then terminates at the new Oyster Creek Substation.

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CCN Application Filing at PUCT (Docket No. 41749)    CCN Application Approval Phase Documents

PUCT Documents

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