CenterPoint EnergyElectric Transmission and Distribution
The Electric Market in Houston
CenterPoint Energy is a regulated poles and wires utility

In the Texas electric industry, retail competition began in January 2002, so residential and business consumers can now shop for electricity. Retail Electric Providers (REPs) (or Competitive Retailers - CRs) compete to sell electricity to homes and businesses.

CenterPoint Energy does not sell electricity. We shifted from generating, marketing and providing power for over 2 million customers to delivering electricity to those same consumers on behalf of the REPs/CRs.

Builders and developers can request Electric Service Identifiers (ESI IDs) from CenterPoint Energy as well as installation, relocation or disconnection of electric meters. However, requests for electric service must be made with a certified Retail Electric Provider or Competitive Retailer.

For more information about Electric Choice, visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas' web site at: