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Meet one of our skilled appliance repair technicians

Name: Annette
Years with company: 5
Title: Appliance Repair Technician, Home Service Plus®
What's one thing that's unique about your job?
I have the privilege of meeting people on a more personal level — in their own homes. I find they are more relaxed, and it’s easier for them to make a decision when I show them our products and services.

What are some of the things you do in a day's work?
I make service calls at customers’ homes and repair their appliances. I brighten customers' days, either by fixing their appliances or showing them new ideas. I like helping people, and customers really show their appreciation by saying thank you and smiling. That's great. 
Who do you consider your customers?
Everyone I come into contact with.
Do you ever talk with external customers? If so, what are some of their questions?
Yes. They tease me, asking what our name is going to be next. I tell them our name is CenterPoint Energy, and we’re sticking to it. Then they ask about their appliances.
What do you do to help external customers understand CenterPoint Energy?
I speak in laymen's terms instead of technical language. For price increases, I explain, "We are not doing this just to get more money from you. Our prices go up, too — we're just trying to stay in business."