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CenterPoint Energy noted for its sustained excellence

CenterPoint Energy was recently selected as a 2008 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award winner. The award is given to organizations that have made a long-term commitment to protecting the environment through energy efficiency and have demonstrated a successful partnership with ENERGY STAR. CNP was one of 74 winners chosen from more than 12,000 organizations that work with ENERGY STAR to help Americans save money on their energy bills and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

The company was recognized for its work with new home builders in the Houston area, giving incentives to those that design and build homes that use less energy. “Houston is the country's leader in ENERGY STAR new home construction,” said Jarrett Simon, CNP manager of program implementation. “When we started the program in 2001, our builders constructed 1,200 eligible homes. Last year, that number was 12,000.”

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