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Giving ‘green light’ a new meaning

The city of Houston stands to receive as much as $1 million in CenterPoint Energy rebates for installing LED traffic lights at more than 2,000 intersections across the city. The rebates are offered as part of the company's Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Program, which is designed to reduce electric energy demand.

Traditional traffic lights use a 150-watt incandescent lamp, which releases 75 percent of its energy in the form of heat. An equivalent LED traffic light uses only 12 watts of power. Additionally, LED lights have a lifecycle of seven to 10 years, compared to one year for incandescents, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

“The city has already installed LED traffic signals at 300 intersec­tions to date,” said David Dzierski, senior energy efficiency consultant in Electric Operations. “The plan calls for lights to be installed at another 600 intersections by the end of the year. It's a worthwhile goal, because of the tremendous energy savings offered by the LED lights.”

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