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Diversity at CenterPoint Energy
Enriching our work environment and benefitting our communities

We embrace the power of diversity because it enriches our work environment and provides social and economic benefits to the communities we serve. It is not only a focus that our employees, customers, communities and shareholders expect from us, but it is also the right approach from a business standpoint as well.

Every employee at CenterPoint Energy is encouraged to promote diversity and inclusion. In fact, all employees actively participate in diversity awareness training. We feel that it gives our company a true competitive advantage to have people from different backgrounds and viewpoints united in purpose. That's why we continue to work and volunteer together in a corporate-wide commitment to diversity in which everyone at the company has a role.

Diversity at CenterPoint Energy has three elements:  workplace diversity and inclusion, supplier diversity and community relations. All three are an important part of our vision to lead the nation in delivering energy, service and value.