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Arkansas service technician returns lost child home safely

Ryan Baker, a service technician in Jonesboro, Ark., was thanked for helping a young child find his way home. After completing a service order in a small town, Baker heard and saw a small child in his pajamas and stocking feet standing alone in the middle of the street. He quickly went to the child, took him by the hand and led him to a safe location away from traffic passing by.

Baker said, “He was old enough to walk pretty good, but he could only point down the street and say 'Mamma' when asked his name or where he lived, and he just followed me like I was his best friend.” Baker knocked on doors to try to identify where the child lived and then contacted the local police. While waiting for the police, he knocked again, and this time someone came to the door. The child did belong at that home, and his family did not know he had gone outside. This employee established trust not only for himself, but also for CenterPoint Energy.