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Maybe it IS rocket science!

A science teacher at St. Thomas High School in Houston wrote to Chad Organ, line construction coordinator in Transmission Operations at CenterPoint Energy's South Houston Service Center, to thank him and his crew; Goerge Cantalamessa, head line mechanic, and Zach Jansky, line mechanic, and Kenny Dubois, line mechanic; for saving his students' science project "by so carefully rescuing the rocket from the power lines in and taking the extra care needed to preserve the scientific equipment."

He wrote, "These students have been working after school for more than six months on their project, and they would have seen all of their efforts disappear had it not been for your care, concern, and professionalism.  CenterPoint Energy is lucky to have men like you working for them.  In addition, the good will that you established for CenterPoint Energy and those whom I have told your story is immeasurable."