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Hurricane Ike victims thank CenterPoint Energy for power restoration

Hundreds of customers have written CenterPoint Energy to thank employees for their efforts to restore power following Hurricane Ike. Here are a few samples of their gratitude.

“Many thanks to you and your army of workers. I don’t care what the naysayers think or say, I think you guys did and are doing one heckuva job! I believe the vast majority had no realistic grasp of the size of the monster you guys had to slay.”

Steve Lorke
Lorke Services,
a heavy equipment supplier

“Ike was a terrible storm and Houston suffered significant damage. Everyone at CenterPoint Energy should be commended for a job well done. The communication and hard work has been excellent.”

J. Daman
Houston customer

“ I would like to extend a very special ‘thank you’ to CenterPoint Energy for their tremendous dedication and efficiency throughout this trying time. Even in the midst of the worst of Hurricane Ike, CenterPoint employees were out making sure that the institutions of the Texas Medical Center were a top priority and, as a result, we
experienced no interruptions in power.”

Mark A. Wallace
CEO Texas Children’s Hospital

“I know that all of the employees at CenterPoint Energy have been working hard around the clock. Thus, I wanted to send a note of gratitude to not only the employees but their family members as well.”

E. Ned
Houston customer

“I just want to say thank you to all the men and women who worked to get my power back on. I know some of them may have experienced loss and damage to their own homes and would have preferred to be with their families at this time.Instead, they chose to help my family, and that means the world to me.”

D. Callaway
Houston customer

“We truly appreciate the efforts by all of your staff for making a very concerted effort to get our schools back in operation. We realize you have a tremendous task facing you and we are only a small part of your bigger issue. Thanks for everything you’re doing.”

Roy J. Sprague,
Independent School District

“We were without power for eight days, but I know you guys were working around the clock to restore power as fast as possible. My family and I just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s effort.”

J. Ure
Friendswood customer

“Would you like to have had the job that CenterPoint Energy has been doing over the last 12 plus days? I think not! Please find a new positive headline, such as ‘The Houston Chronicle Would Not Criticize CenterPoint Because They
Have the Hardest Job in Houston.’”

C. Noel, a Houston customer without power,
in a letter to the Houston Chronicle

“I just wanted to let the staff at CenterPoint Energy know that their 16-hour work days to restore power to the areas affected by Hurricane Ike is very much appreciated. I evacuated and was happy to have the updates available via your Web site so I could plan my return.”

S. Ferguson
Houston customer

“ My father was a long-time employee at a utility company, so I understand what you have to do in
this situation. Even though I’m without power and staying with family, I appreciate everything that you’re doing. Please give all of your employees a good pat on the back when this is done.”

G. Carter,
Houston Customer