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Service upgrade completed in time for wedding

A customer from Tomball, Texas, wrote to praise Jeffrey Ledet, a service associate consultant at the Cypress Service Center, for working to ensure that a service order to upgrade electrical service from 150 amps to 400 amps was completed in time for her daughter’s wedding.

The customer wrote: “You just do not find this very often, people who are willing to step outside the box to make things happen like he did. He was just a joy to deal with, and he went above the call of duty. Also, the crew members who came out were all very pleasant, and I wanted to hug every one of them for helping. I know they all said they were just doing what they get paid to do, but it meant the world to me and my husband, and you should have seen the smile on my daughter’s face when she drove in last night and saw the yard lit up. Thank you for helping us make her day as special as possible.”