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Technician impresses customer in competence, professionalism

After a residential customer discovered a significant gas leak, responding serviceman Ross Denson’s work was complimented in a letter from the customer. Denson installed a new meter and continued following procedure by relighting the customer’s gas water heater’s pilot light and examining a furnace in the attic. Determining it was a pilot-less furnace, Denson took steps to bleed the gas line of air and fire up the furnace. Ross additionally took the time to carefully explain to the customer what he was doing while he was doing it.

Wrote the customer, “I sure did need the extra time and service provided by Mr. Denson.” The customer was so pleased he offered Denson a tip, which “he politely declined.” Said the pleased customer, “It is rare indeed that one encounters individuals such as Mr. Denson. He was pleasant, concerned and professional during his visit to my residence.”