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At CenterPoint Energy, we continually strive for excellence in all areas of our business. Acknowledging our many successes are the awards we've received for our work in the community, our diversity practices, our environmental stewardship and our overall service.    

CenterPoint Energy is committed to safety. Our vision is to maintain a safe work environment for our employees and communities. Safety is the responsibility of all our employees, who have achieved recognition for their strong safety record.
Our employees and retirees play an active role in making the communities we serve great places to live, work and play. Our commitment is often recognized, as reflected in a sampling of recent awards.
These awards are proud symbols of the hard work and commitment of CenterPoint Energy to continually support and pursue opportunities with diverse business enterprises.
At CenterPoint Energy, we strive to safeguard the environment while fulfilling our responsibility to safely provide reliable, competitive energy services. Our commitment to energy efficiency and conservation is evident through a sampling of awards.
CenterPoint Energy's vision is to become America's leading energy delivery company ... and more. To reach this vision, and to ensure the highest quality services to our customers, we strive for operational excellence in all areas of our business.